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What Does a Car Locksmith do?

An auto locksmith can address any issues or services needed when it comes to your car. Therefore, they can duplicate car keys, work on your ignition, and create transponder keys. Because of the diverse range of services, the cost of an automotive locksmith service can vary depending on your needs. 

How Much Does a Car Locksmith Cost?

Automotive locksmith services vary based on your needs. As a result, the prices for labor and service are subject to your specific vehicle and needs. 

Customized Locksmith Service
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What Kind of Vehicles
do you Service?

We can service a large variety of vehicles including traditional automobiles, motorcycles, and vans. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or a message so we can let you know if your vehicle model can be serviced! Certain vehicles may not be able to be serviced due to product invalidity, and as a result, will require the dealership.  

What Auto Locksmith Services do we Provide?

Service Car Keys
Car Key Duplication
Transponder Keys
Car Key Extraction

Original Car Key Replacement
Car Ignition Service
Luxury Car Lockouts
Car Rekey

What Kind of Cars do we Service?

We can service most types of automobiles for car key duplication, transponder keys, and car ignition service.

We can provide service keys for German made luxury cars to assist in a lockout, but transponders can only be provided by the dealership.

Aren't sure? Just give us a quick call and we can connect you with one of our automotive technicians to asses and give a concrete estimate! Being a car locksmith is a complex trade with a very specific skill set. Being able to speak with an expert technician can give you the peace of mind that you are getting the best customer service possible!

As a Dallas locksmith, we provide a wide variety of locksmith services and home-security services and quality products! You can have peace of mind when you use our quality services as we are a bonded and insured, trustworthy, and dependable mobile locksmith that has grown with the community for over 13 years!