Commercial Locksmith Services in Naples

From the international companies headquartered in Naples to the many small, local businesses that thrive in the area, all have a common need for reliable locksmith and security services.

ACCO Locksmith and Security Solutions is a commercial locksmith in Lee County area with a wide range of services for local businesses, industrial properties, and more. Our experienced team can outline all the available options for your property to help you protect your assets. Make an appointment for a free consultation.

Our Naples Locksmith Services for Commercial Properties

ACCO Locksmith and Security Solutions is your partner in security at your business. Whether you need assistance with existing locks or are looking for the best options for upgrading security, our team can help with a range of services that include:

  • Commercial Lockout Services – As an emergency locksmith in Naples, we can often be on the scene quickly if you or one of your employees is locked out of the building.
  • Master Key Systems – At properties that have many doors, we can install a master key system for customized security while still giving you complete control and convenience over your facility.
  • Access Control Systems – We install access control systems with options for electronic access cards, buzzer systems, and cameras.
  • Commercial Hardware – We can install commercial hardware products such as door closers, electric strikes, maglocks, alarm doors, and other options.
  • High Security Locks – High security locks are resistant to lock picking and damage for better protection at your business.

We also offer a range of traditional locksmithing services such as commercial lock rekeying, commercial lock changing, key cutting, and key duplication for commercial properties.

We are dealers with the most dependable brands for commercial facilities, including Brivo access control systems, Mul-T-Lock high security locks, Schlage, Kwikset, and Alarm Lock.

Why Choose ACCO Security Solutions as Your Naples Locksmith?

Our goal at ACCO Locksmith and Security Solutions throughout our more than a decade of service has always been to provide the most comprehensive and reliable locksmith services in Naples, Vineyards, Lely Resort, and other locations in Lee County area. We make this possible through :

  • Customizable Solutions – Through traditional locks and the latest technology, we can give you the exact degree of control and locking power you need at your business.
  • Initial Free Evaluation – We begin services for our commercial clients with a visit to your property and personalized quote to help you make sure that we are the best locksmith for your needs.
  • Leading Customer Service – Our team is reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated to supporting your business.

At ACCO, we have the locksmith and security services to assist businesses of every type and size in Lee County area. We work with retailers, offices, restaurants, manufacturing, storage, schools, municipal facilities, and more. Schedule your initial evaluation with our team and the online calendar or call us at (239) 933-1833 with questions.

Commercial Locksmith ACCO Locksmith

Commercial Hardware

We are the best commercial locksmith in Naples that can meet your advanced needs with any commercial hardware out there. We can install everything from door closers to, electric strikes, maglocks, and a wide variety of locks and systems.

High Security Locks

Let’s face it, a basic lock can only give you so much security. We partner with brands like Mul-T-Lock to elevate your safety with high-security locks that are pick resistant, bump resistant, break-in resistant, and have keys that can’t be readily duplicated. 

Commercial Keypad Lock

Commercial Keypad

Lots of employees walk in and out of the office every day. It’s always safer to share codes instead of keys. It’s also easier to track and modify codes to have control over who can enter and when they can enter.

Buzz Someone In

We can install a door control system that can allow you to speak with and verify who is outside your door. You can buzz someone in all from the safety and comfort of your desk, or they can let themselves in with a code or key fob.

Master Keys

Ever thought about using a master key system? Imagine being a manager who can unlock the door of each of your employee’s offices with your own office key? Don’t worry, their keys will still only work for their individual doors!


Being a locksmith for commercial properties requires a wide skillset. Every business is different. That means your priorities and security needs will also be different. as the best commercial locksmith in Naples, our technicians can asses your specific situation and tailor security solutions to best fit your needs.

Superior Customer Service

There are other security companies in Naples, but we are one of the few that will come to your location, assess the situation, and give you a free estimate. If we have the parts, we can offer same day service if you feel we are the right fit! 

Trusted Partnerships

As a leading security company in Naples, we are partnered with some of the best security software and hardware around. We can install Mul-T-Lock, Kwikset, Schlage, Brivo, and other top tier security systems.

Access Control

Protect your space with top tier technology that allows you to control who can enter and who can’t. Modern-day access control has not only taken security to the next level, but it can ensure the safety of you and anyone in your space. We have some of the best locksmiths in Naples who can install a large variety of different access control systems to fit your needs. We also partner with Brivo, a cutting edge cloud based access control system!

Emergency Locksmith

If you just got locked out of your office, business, or car, and you find yourself saying, “I need an emergency locksmith near me right away,” we can help! Whatever the situation, give us a call! 

As a Naples locksmith, we provide a wide variety of locksmith services and home-security services and quality products! You can have peace of mind when you use our quality services as we are a bonded and insured, trustworthy, and dependable mobile locksmith that has grown with the community for over 13 years!