Key Cutting Services in Naples, FL with Acco Security Solutions

Replace Keys That Work Seamlessly in Your Locks

In most homes and businesses in Naples, you will want more than one copy of the keys you rely on to open locks around your property, giving you keys for all of your individual residents or employees, backups in the event of a lockout, and an extra key in case one becomes lost or damaged.

ACCO Locksmith and Security Solutions is a local locksmith with key cutting in Naples with options for all standard residential door keys and more complex high security keys. We quickly and accurately cut high quality keys to meet your needs. Get an appointment for key duplication in Naples or give us a call at (239) 933-1833 to learn more about our locksmith services.

What Our Naples Key Cutting Services Provide

Whenever you need a copy of a key, you want to be sure that the new key is as accurate as the original and as long lasting. ACCO Locksmith and Security Solutions uses an advanced process to cut the right key every time. 

We start by using the right blank for your key and lock. We have hundreds of different blanks at ACCO that we can choose from, including those from brands like Schlage, Kwikset, Mul-T-Lock, as well as general blanks that will work for locks from different brands.

We insert the blank and your existing key into our key duplicator. This machine precision cuts the metal blank to be an exact match for your key. Our final step is to sand the key for a smooth finish that will fit effortlessly into your lock.

When you get key cutting in Naples from ACCO locksmith, the entire process takes only a few minutes to complete for most keys. Even with more advanced keys, we can often have the key duplicated on site within half an hour to have your new key ready for you as quickly as possible. 

Key duplication is most often performed with the original key, but as a full service locksmith, we also have solutions if you no longer have the original key or only have a copy, including rekeying locks, new key cutting, and more.

Our key cutting from a professional locksmith in Naples is a great option when you need:

  • Duplicate Keys – When you have multiple people in your home, we can make as many keys as you need.
  • Backup Keys – If you need a key for a lockbox or to leave with a neighbor in case you get locked out, we can create a duplicate.
  • Commercial Key Cutting – We can create multiple keys for various employees.
  • Damaged Keys – As you use a key it will begin to wear down, but a new key will easily turn the lock.

For optimal quality, we keep our key duplicator machines carefully calibrated with the cutters sharp so that each key we cut is accurate and will work with your locks. If you are duplicating a key with teeth that have worn down, our expert locksmiths also have the ability to determine the original depth of a key’s teeth to give you an accurate key.

Schedule Key Duplication in Naples with ACCO Locksmith 

Unlike other key cutting options, ACCO Locksmith and Security Solutions offers key cutting that is always high quality and provides reliable results for even your most secure locks and keys. In addition, you will also work with our friendly lock technicians who are able to answer any questions and make sure that you have all the right options for locks at your home or business.

Whether you simply need quality keys made in Naples or have a more extensive rekeying and key cutting project, ACCO Locksmith and Security Solutions is here to work with you throughout the entire process by offering convenient scheduling, knowledgeable staff, and guaranteed work completed on site. Use our online calendar to schedule a commercial or residential key cutting service in Naples.