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The locks at your home protect your family, belongings, and your property. Reliable locks are also often key for your peace of mind and the comfort of knowing that you are protected. But you also need a partner you can trust to maintain the many different locks that homeowners in Naples rely on.

ACCO Security Solutions provides residential locksmith services in Naples to address all of your security concerns. From emergency lockout services to solutions for upgrading your home security, we have the services to meet your needs. Contact our team at (239) 933-1833 or set up your appointment online to get started.

Our Locksmith Services for Homes and Condos in Naples, FL

Our residential services encompass more than simply the locks on the doors in your home. We are dedicated to protecting everything that is important to you with a comprehensive range of locksmith services that include:

  • Rekeying – An important first step after moving into a new home or losing a key, rekeying services are an easy and affordable way to change your locks in Naples.
  • Door Lock and Deadbolt Installation – When older locks are not working right or you want more secure deadbolts, our repair and installation services can outfit your home with reliable deadbolts and door locks.
  • Keypad Lock Installation – Enjoy the convenience and security of a keypad lock and never forget your key again.
  • Smart Locks – Use your mobile phone to control your door locks with new smart lock technology.
  • Mailbox Lock Replacement – We install keyless locks for mailboxes to provide easy access to your mail and also prevent lock picking and mailbox break ins.
  • Padlock Services – We also have services for your storage unit and can help you get in if you are missing a padlock key or set up a padlock for us that unlocks with your house key.

We also offer emergency lockout services in Naples for homes and automobiles to help you get back in quickly. We prioritize getting to your home or roadside location quickly to limit the time you spend locked outside.

Advanced Security Solutions from ACCO Security Solutions 

Locksmith services from ACCO Security are the best choice for your home. This is because we are using the leading solutions as authorized dealers for high security locks from Mul-T-Lock and dependable options from Kwikset, Schlage, Defiant, and more. We also promise professional and friendly service and upfront pricing for services you can trust.

For any questions, contact us, or schedule a free estimate for residential lock installation or repair.


Just moved in? Want to keep someone out? Whatever your reason for needing the best residential locksmith in Naples may be, sometimes we need to rekey the locks to keep unwanted visitors out and our families safe inside.

New Door Locks & Deadbolts

Maybe you need additional security to fend off break-ins or just need your current door locks repaired. Whether the old one is toast or you’re just changing up your style. we can upgrade and install new deadbolts. Whatever the case, we can do it!

Keypad Locks

Share codes, not keys! We are partnered with top tier dealers like Schlage, Kwikset, and Defiant to ensure you never get locked out, can easily change the combo, and can feel safe knowing that unwanted visitors can’t get in.

Commercial Keypad Lock

Smart Locks

We partner with dealers like Schlage and Kwikset to give you a wide variety of smart lock options and levels. Have more control over your security with mobile and long-distance control of your door locks.

High Security Locks

Let’s face it, a basic lock can only give you so much security. We partner with brands like Mul-T-Lock to elevate your safety with high-security locks that are pick resistant, bump resistant, break-in resistant, and have keys that can’t be readily duplicated. 


Whether you’re stuck outside your storage unit and need someone to cut your padlock off or you need a padlock to match your home key, we can take care of it. We also can provide personalized padlocks in different shades to fit your style.

Mailbox Lock Replacement

There are so many advantages to keyless locks. You’ll never get locked out, you can easily change the combo, and you can feel safer with locks that can’t be picked!

Emergency Locksmith

If you just got locked out of your house or car, and you find yourself saying, “I need an emergency locksmith near me right away,” we can help! Whatever the situation, give us a call! 

As a Naples locksmith, we provide a wide variety of locksmith services and home-security services and quality products! You can have peace of mind when you use our quality services as we are a bonded and insured, trustworthy, and dependable mobile locksmith that has grown with the community for over 13 years!